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Originally Posted by franchize
Because he's a vet min guy getting paid 3+ mill a year. He played like a vet min guy as a starter so I can't magine how him going to the bench will make him more productive. My dad did some research. He averaged only one 2 point field goal per game last year. ONE PER GAME! Which means he isn't penetrating anymore. He's just camping out on th 3 point line at this point. I don't care how ood of a passer you are, if you can't get in the lane and make yourself a threat, teams are just going to play the passing lanes. That either means a. The offense becomes stagnant or b. You're turning the ball over

A tear just trickled down my face lol

not going to pretend like he is a starter or the same guy from the championship run. he would have not come here for the vet know no one comes here for free. i rather have him for 15 to 20 minutes a night than Felton for 40 plus minutes.

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