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Default Re: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Originally Posted by dunksby
I enjoyed the game very much, did around 80+ quests with a Destro Mage got it up to level 35. Then proceeded to start over building up a Stealth Dagger/Sword Rogue type and finished the game while trying to make different decisions and cover the rest of the game as much as possible.
The game is among the few single player games that is actually worth the money since the gameplay duration is long and there are many sides to it that one can explore and enjoy.
The DLC has not been released for PS3 and PC yet so I have no idea, better refer to IGN for that.

So no game breaking problems or glitches on PS3? Because I heard it had problems at launch. I played it on PC but my friend might buy it for PS3. I actually didnt play it much because of time constraints, but i enjoyed it plenty.
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