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Default Re: FA Rumor: Lakers interested in Roger Mason

Originally Posted by lakerfreak

Not sure how credible lakers nation is to be honest. i don't ever remember one deal or rumor coming true from them so take this for what its worth.

I don't know much about Mason other than he's pretty good at threes. Then again, I feel like everytime we sign a three point shooter, they don't deliver. Vlad Rad's percentage wasn't as good as he used to be, Steve Blake's wasn't as good when he came here.

Hopefully this isn't just a laker curse we have to endure as a fan base.

Lol. While you have a point with the 3 pt shooters coming to LA and stinking it up, the only guy who lit it up was Jumaine Jones.(remember jimmy Jackson? Dude sucked. AND KAPONO)

Speaking of KAPONO. I hope we don't sign Rmj, it will just be another waste of money ala Jason KAPONO.
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