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Default Re: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Originally Posted by dunksby
Don't worry about it much, you are gonna want to start from scratch after this and explore the sides of the game you did not due to the decisions you made so it's all good.
Don't spread your perks all over the place, you should heavily invest in 2h/Heavy/Smithing then some useful talents like Ennchant and Alchemy boosts so you can enhance your damage output and survivability.
All in all don't worry about a thing just learn the game on this toon and keep the stuff you want to do on your mind for when you build a new character.
i can only play about 2 hours at most during the weekday. i can see why people say this game can consume you because it's addicting as fukk. i read this whole thread from the beginning and gotten some helpful tips via clippersfan86. will definitely try a different class once i thoroughly out use my dude. thanks
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