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Default Re: The Official Starcraft 2 Thread

Although some of them have been practicing full-time because their teams never use them in Proleague...

Also, MMA advancing 2-1 over viOLet makes me so happy. He's still kicking ass, despite all the issues around him.

I heard the reason he got demoted to Slayers B team was that he had stopped practicing as much as everyone else, but I do not know about that. I hope he stays with Slayers as they are my favorite team.

Congratulations to EG's newest member, Suppy. I knew EG needed another zerg as Machine and LZGamer are both not that great, and idrA is still working on getting back to the top. Suppy has tons of potential and I think will fit in nicely. In my eyes he is an upgrade from Machine and LZGamer. His only downside is he is in university right now. I personally think they should pursue a member from oGs that is still available like TOP or SuperNova.

There are some really good free agents on the market. I thought elfi would go to a big european team but I found out he got a solo sponsorship from ASUS and Steelseries. 4 notable teamless players are Morrow, Sleep, viOLet, and Genius.
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