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Default Re: Penn State's Punishment: Too much, too little, or just right?

Originally Posted by niko
They took away the scholarships to punish the football program, because the point of everything Paterno did was to protect the football program. The detererrent is losing the football program. You think cash would deter an Alabama? Or a Texas? Not at all. BUt the thought of losing their football for 4 years, that's what did it.

You talk like these high school kids can't just go to other schools.

Yeah, good thing the current football program's getting punished for nothing they did. They've already punished Paterno in more ways than one now. The scholarship thing punishes no one who was involved in Sandusky's scandal. I don't find it sensible to punish the current program by means of taking scholarships away. The media pressed for Paterno to be fired; it happened. They pressed for the statue to be taken down; it happened. They got thirteen years of wins taken away. Fine, that punishes Paterno from a very biased Freeh report.

Why punish the current program with no affiliates to the scandal by means of scholarships?

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