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Originally Posted by hawkfan
Houston offered 4 years, 24 million.

Golden State upped its offer to get Fisher.

He's a good player, and considering the salaries for point guards (see Earl Watson and Speedy Claxton), he isn't overpaid.

They gave him - what looks like - 6 years 30+ million., trying to beat 4 and 24. That's an obscene contract for a role player.

Is he really a "good" player? do you say that because we never hear him in trouble and never a sportcenter of him screwing up? What makes him good? Is he a solid defender? did anyone play d in GS. His range is limited, he didnt create shots for others.

What exactly makes him a "good player" besides Laker pedigree?

Not trying to jum on Fisher, but 6 years...c'mon. If this were an Isiah move, you'd be all over it.
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