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Fisher is a perfectly average point guard. He is a below-average starting point guard, but not an absolute liability as a starter, and an above-average backup who can give you spot time at shooting guard due to his three-point range.

That said, he seems like a good fit for the Jazz, both the team and the city. The team has always been about no-nonsense, solid character, and almost boring execution, execution, execution. For lack of a descriptive word, they play an almost clockwork style of basketball, and Fisher, who is disciplined, seems to enjoy playing defense, almost always makes the correct play (even if it's not very flashy) and is not a flamboyant guy, will fit in nicely.

His temperment seems to be a good fit for Salt Lake, too. He's modest, somewhat reserved, and never gets into trouble... in other words, he's got a very blue-collar personality, which seems to be the type of player Salt Lake City tends to embrace. More importantly, even if the culture of Salt Lake doesn't suit him, his personality says that he'll be quiet about it and you'll never know he feels uncomfortable, which will keep him in good graces of the fans by default... unlike, say, Chris Webber's quest for "soul food" in Sacramento. ;)
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