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Default Re: The Official Starcraft 2 Thread

Originally Posted by Maniak
Well, GSL champion.

Grats to Seed. I did not stay up for the games and I heard they were pretty bad.

I don't think I'm going to watch the GSTL either, seeing as how late it is.

Although because I love slayers so much i might just not go on teamliquid or /r/starcraft and find a watch to watch vods.

Well they WERE PvP - I saw some of them, and they weren't that bad for PvPs - it's a lot of down voting based on MC fanboys being upset over him losing.

Well, GSL is really the only title that matters. DreamHack, TSL, MLG and IPL and stuff like that are prestigious but there's no doubt that GSL is the cream of the crop.
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