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Default Re: Knicks agree to sign Ronnie Brewer

Good Stuff Bluechox

I think we can follow use a tactic that Miami uses: Being able to throw multiple looks and defenders at teams. Miami did it with LeBron, Battier and Miler. I think we can actually do the same. In fact, I think we can perfect it even more because w can do it with our perimeter players AND our big men now. Teams, and especially their star players, don't get a reak now when we go to the bench. Once Shump goes to the bench, we can throw a fresh Brewer at a guy, and a fresh JR as well. Plus, as the quotes suggest, Ronnie imoes well without the ball. He slashes and gets easy dunks. He's like a quicker Bill Walker pre-D'Antoni making him into a jumpshooter. That coupled with JR's streaky, yet dangerous, scoring ability helps to solidify our bench. We can also throw multiple looks defensively at teams with Chandler and Camby.
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