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Default Re: Sun - Hornets - Wolves deal in trouble?

Originally Posted by lilbeastnani
Why would it be good for the Suns? They just gave Dragic that 4 year 30 mill deal which essentially handed over the reigns to the team to him. They have no incentive whatsoever to trade assets or draft picks to pick up Calderon for a year.

I had forgotten all about Drajic - you are correct. Suns dont need Jose at all.

Still NO is a decentfit in my mind but their cap issues might be a problem. Its hard to believe they are at the cap having dones the Washington deal which was a cap clearing one - or so I thought.

I know people say roster is set but I was shocked when BC moved Shawn Marion out and Hedo in - and then was albe to move Hedo back out again. Then further move Jemaine in.

Like the man or not - like his moves or not - I will give credit to BC for being able to make deals. What comes back is always the question I know - but frankly there is a cost associated with havein Jose at training camp and all the "questions".

Further Jose agent seems to be working the phones as well according to the tweets so I wont count the deal as dead yet. More Olympic lull.
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