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Default Re: PED's in the nba

By the time a drug test is laboratory tested, peer reviewed and finally approved the by FDA you've got 20-somethings with a PHD in chemistry who are already 10 steps ahead of the process.

Back in the early 2000s there was a "prohormone" (term for steroids which hasn't been banned by FDA yet) called Superdrol. It was eventually banned, but you can walk into any GNC store or dial up right now and find a clone (M-Drol, M-Stane, etc) which is virtually the same drug with a few minor chemical tweaks. Once it passes through your liver it has the same effect in your blood stream as the original drug, but it's not technically illegal yet. By the time the FDA catches this round of clones, there will be a dozen more.

You can buy the Superdrol clones for like $40 a bottle, now just imagine what kind of shit you could get a hold of as a millionaire athlete.

Also a lot of these drugs have half lives of a day or even a few hours. Even if they were able to develop a reliable test for them they'd need to catch the player almost immediately.

And like a lot of people already said, they are not necessarily using anabolic steroids. There are peptides, HGH, IGF-1 and a whole shitload of other PEDs out there. The typical stereotypes of bad skin and muscle growth is ignorant and about 20 years outdated. Check out, you can buy a lot of this stuff off the internet if you're savvy enough to mix the proper concentrations and inject yourself.

Sorry this turned out so long a post but you are very naive if you think that any professional sport is clean.
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