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Default Re: PED's in the nba

This isn't a question in response to any one post in particular, or to defend any player(s), but what's the big issue with HGH use? I don't think players NBA are using per se (look at the injuries this past season), but why is it banned (or have whatever status it does)?

From my understanding (which admittedly might by incomplete), it's used primarily in injury recovery and not to augment a guy in any way. If you're going to argue it's unfair since there's probably some time to heal involved and not everyone has the time to do so that's fine, but why shouldn't a player be able to take part in HGH treatment during the offseason if he has a massive injury (what are the health risks/why is such use banned? again I'm not very knowledgeable on this matter, just speaking from my current understanding)?
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