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Default Re: PED's in the nba

Originally Posted by chocolatethunder
I know people who play or have played professional baseball football and basketball both in the NBA and overseas. There's a general perception that PED use is commonplace in the NFL and MLB. Part of the reason is the size of the players which is understandable. However, my friends who played in MLB told me that tons of little guys like infielders who didn't look particularly big or strong would use them like crazy. PEDs don't make you muscular they just make you be able to recover quickly. They said that Dominican infielders would take them like vitamins and not even really work out and just use them for recovery. My one friend also said that his last steroid dealer told him that if the NBA ever cracked down on PEDs that he'd go broke. He said that in his experience, the NBA was the league in which the problem was the worst. Their testing is a joke and there isn't that much suspicion because much like the infielders in baseball, the basketball players are using them more for recovery. Now obviusly guys like Howard would be using them to get bigger. So in my estimation I would say that PED use is rampant in the NBA.
Ahhh yes. The classic "My anonymous friend who knows a guy told me" evidence.

Top shelf.
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