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Default Undisputed best pound for pound player?

So the term may be a little foreign to NBA fans but it's widely used in the boxing realm and other sports.

Who is the best pound for pound player in your eyes?

IMO it's Iverson hands down. The NBA has him listed at 6'0, which most likely means he's 5'11 or maybe even a bit shorter than that. Even Isiah was listed at 6'1.

To do with he did given his short and skinny stature says a lot about his work ethic and determination. Also AI could probably go down as one of the most passionate players of all time as well. I remember seeing an interview with him and Stephen A. Doofus in which he randomly broke out into tears when they started talking about his relationship with Larry Brown (near 2008).

also could easily go down as the quickest PG ever, also multiple critics have stated he's also the "toughest pound for pound player of all time"

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