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Originally Posted by Joey Zaza
They gave him - what looks like - 6 years 30+ million., trying to beat 4 and 24. That's an obscene contract for a role player.

Is he really a "good" player? do you say that because we never hear him in trouble and never a sportcenter of him screwing up? What makes him good? Is he a solid defender? did anyone play d in GS. His range is limited, he didnt create shots for others.

What exactly makes him a "good player" besides Laker pedigree?

Not trying to jum on Fisher, but 6 years...c'mon. If this were an Isiah move, you'd be all over it.

Nobody put a gun to Chris Mullin's head and told him to pay Fisher. Mullen is known as one of the worst GM's in the league so let's not blame Fish here. Fish was a very good player for the Lakers. Not just a pedigree. He hit some big shots and contributed defensively and also leadership wise. He had his short comings but most of that was disguised by the triangle offense and who he played with. He was a good fit for our team at the time.

Utah is a much better fit for Fish's game. He's a decent player at this point of his career.
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