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Default Re: Knicks add 35-year-old PG Pablo Prigioni

NY Daily News:

The Knicks signed the 35-year-old Argentine point guard last week after pursing him for three seasons. It was the final stage of a complete facelift for the teamís point guard position. Toney Douglas, Baron Davis, Mike Bibby and Lin are all gone and the feeling is that the Knicks have upgraded by adding Kidd, Felton and Prigioni.

A lot depends on Feltonís conditioning and whether Kidd, who turns 40 in March, can stay healthy. The x-factor, like Lin last season, could be Prigioni, who has been one of Europeís top point guards for years.

His Olympic teammates and fellow NBA players, Manu Ginobili and Luis Scola, rave about Prigioni. Torontoís Jose Calderon, who once played with Prigioni in Spain, calls him the consummate point guard. He even has a strong endorsement from Carmelo Anthony, which can only help.

But for fans looking for Prigioni to be the next Lin, forget it. They are two different players, which may be a good thing for the Knicks.
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