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Default Re: Counting down the days until Jerry's son takes over the Bulls.

Originally Posted by Undisputed
I like the Bulls FO. They've done a very good job with the hand given throughout the years. That should be the goal of every owner. If they could bring in all the superstars in the league, I guess entitled punks like you would feel better...but that's not possible.

When Reinsdorfs son takes over, I'll bet you will be the first to trash him at any given opportunity. Someone who could care less about basketball doesn't own an NBA team.

Every NBA champion in the last 10 years have paid the luxury at least once (even the fluke Pistons of 2004 that Paxson adores so much). Considering the fact that the Bulls make more money than any team in the NBA is is too much to ask for ownership that will push the extra mile to put out a winner.

I can go back to PJ Brown's expiring as an example of the Bulls spend-thrift ways.

And check out Reinsdorf's baseball quote to show where his "passion" lies. This organization is small potatoes. Just like the Bucks.
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