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Not just a pedigree

Not insulting - just instructing. You cannot be "just a pedigree". You have a pedigree, you are not a pedigree.

When a player has "championship pedigree", it means he's been on a championship team, so he carries that around with him everywhere he goes. Some will lend a ton of weight to pedigree:

Two equally qualified cnadidates go for a job 20 years out of college. Same experience, same presentation - one has a Harvard pedigree, the other went to community college and did extremely well. The guy with the Harvard pedigree - due to nothing other than going to Harvard - will get the job, based on pedigree.

So when I say "What does Fisher have besides Laker pedigree", I mean, he is not a remarkable player, besides the fact that he played on this great team. So that is why he got a great contract, due to "pedigree'
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