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umm for the people that try to argue that garnett is a great player, thanks we've all established that. sorry if i offended some of you guys for calling Garnett overrated, i guess this is a sensitive subject. Some of you think "The Big Ticket" is a guaranteed top 5 player, id take kobe wade lebron nash duncan anyday. Those are are proven winners. Kobes and Duncan got 3 rings. Wade just got 1, lebron is one man team who almost beat the pistons and will most definitely win one, and Nash lead a team of overachievers to conference finals and 2 time MVP. garnett will be 31 next year, it aint gonna get easier. I think some of you took the overated statement out of context. Garnett is great player but if he wants to be considered one of the defining players of this era with the likes of kobe, shaq, duncan he better win something. Even barkely, Malone and Stockton, Gary Payton, Patrick Ewing were able to lead their teams to the finals. Garnett's career can be remembered two ways: champion or Dominique Wilkins
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