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Originally Posted by Rowe
I believe they go at 19, and that would literally be right before the start of their rookie season. It would be a 2 year mission somewhere in the world. Most really devout Mormons do go on these missions, I've noticed that it happens pretty frequently in college football. 1 of the Mormon friends I have actually served a Mission that took him out of school for about 1 1/2 years. I believe he was assigned or chose to go to Guinea.

Some prominent Mormon guys like Jimmer Freddete for example turn down a Mormon Mission and get criticized by the more devout group of Mormons.

19 is the earliest they can go. 21 for girls I believe. Most girls are married with a couple kids by than though. Usually 2 years now. The church chooses where they go. Jabari isn't from Utah so it's not as ingrained as it is with kids from Zion. Most BYU mormons go now a days certainly. Not as many went in Ainge's and Young's day as now.

He'd look great in BYU's high octane offense in Provo! Sounds like it's down to Duke and Kentucky. I'd guess Duke out of those two. Mormons aren't like Tebow or Lin always spouting off about God. He might be the next Dwight Howard who was supposed to be all religious and is just another piece of shit.
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