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Default Re: Bulls got Nate Rob

I like the signing.

We know what we'll get for sure from him: energy and heart. Two things that match up perfectly with the type of roster we have here.

The things that he's been criticized for are things I've seen him improve over the last season or two. He's playing smarter and more under control.

He can provide us with a scoring spark off the bench which is something we've needed and at this point we can count on him more so than Teague so we needed someone for that spot.

Also once Rose comes back a Hinrich and Robinson due off the bench will be nice. On offense Hinrich could play PG while Robinson plays SG and on defense they could switch.

When he gets hot he can truly be a difference maker. Problem is he used to only do that once in a while and it'd be the only way he played a part.

Now he's learned to still contribute even if he's not on fire.

On a side note I read some rumors that we may be talking to TMac.

I'm not sure how I feel about it. Feel like there may be some better options out there like Jodie Meeks, Terrence Williams, Donte Greene, even Michael Redd, etc but if they're bringing in TMac to be behind RIP/Belli and Deng/Butler then i'm cool with it.

We'll see what happens.
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