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Default Re: Lakers switching to Princeton Offense in '12-'13

Originally Posted by DKLaker
This is the 2nd thread on this. I understand with what Kobe wants to do and agree with his reasoning however trying to run a pure Princeton offense in the NBA is a really dumb's the wrong offense to accomplish his ultimate stated goal......why? See the other thread on this. Bynum can't pass and it is a terrible idea to have Pau and Bynum running around on the perimeter, I would never have Pau farther away than 18 feet....nor Bynum, whatever gain you get in points would be lost from fatigue and loss of rebounding.
All that being said, a smart coach could design a hybrid of elements of the Princeton offense and keep the Bigs within rebounding range/shooting range.....this also shortens the standard time to run the offense.
I'm really not a big Eddie Jordan guy but will have to see what adjustments he would make before I completely bash this.
BTW, Kobe's High School Coach Gregg Downer runs one of the best Princeton based systems I've seen, he's a very sharp guy.
I love it when you are being more objective about a certain strategy, esp when you reserve your judgement before they actually execute on the floor.
I prefer this kind of informative posts rather than just simply calling certain guys idiot, stupid etc.
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