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Default Re: Top 5 Favorite Movies of 2012

we haven't had any of the good films yet. if any summer movies make my final top 10 of the year it means it was a REALLY bad year. but so far....

1. the hunter 8.5/10
2. the hunger games 8.5/10
3. snow white and the huntsman 8/10
4. the dark knight rises 8/10
5. the avengers/prometheus 8/10

shamefully i think I've missed most of the significant films of the year so far, need to catch up on turin horse/cabin in the woods/once upon a time in anatolia/moonrise kingdom/brave/magic mike etc

for you guys in the u.s, hopefully you caught kill list this year, superb little cult horror/black comedy/psychological thriller from ben wheatley- probably next big hollywood director i expect at the rate they are being snapped up right now. are there any americans doing big budget hollywood these days?
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