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Default Re: Avoid Getting Blocked?

Originally Posted by Overdrive
I actually think some stuff has to be learned at slower "pace" than game pace.
Don't know how they're called in english, but moves in the mold of the dream shake are pretty tough to pull off first in game speed since you'll travel for sure.
Yes, the point you make is a good one. Perhaps I could have worded it differently. What I was attempting to get across was the idea of always improving the moves one is developing. After establishing a move, continue working to make it faster and more responsive. I've come across many players who have clearly developed a nice little arsenal for themselves, however, each move seems to have stunted in growth since its initial inception. I believe one can always be sharper, better, faster, and stronger with any moves within their own arsenal and it can be quite detrimental to rest on one's laurels.
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