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Default Re: The Hangover III (2013)

Originally Posted by GOBB
I dont feel like reading your movie library. My patience is thin.

Appreciate the comment.

Get my goat? Never heard that expression before. Cool story bro about your Cavs. My care factor went up from 0 to 0.333333 back to 0.

Allan = not a funny character, he's played out now. Pack up the man purse and move along.

GOBB = a giant douchebag.

Don't comment on my taste in movies if you refuse to browse my library.

I've been around here lurking since early '08 so I've seen plenty to judge you as a poster and most likely as an individual IRL. You are a bully as a poster, the most self-righteous poster I've ever seen literally, on any forum, and very few people here like you.

Now shove off and go wank it to thoughts of your rep' level and post count here on ISH...loser.


Not only an @$$, but a mental reject as well.

PSS, Alan > You

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