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Default Re: Top 5 Favorite Movies of 2012

Originally Posted by Mr Know It All
It's been a pretty sorry year so far, but here are mine:

1) The Hunter 8/10
2) Cabin in the Woods 7.5/10
3) Chronicle 7/10
4) The Dark Knight Rises 7/10
5) Immortals 5/10 (Entertaining brainless flick, I loved it)


The Hunger Games
The Devil Inside
The Sitter

All made me want to throw up. Hunger Games was over hyped cliche crap. Don't know why so many people love it, ****ing Gamer was better.

Yeah, a movie about kids being forced to kill other kids is wayyyyy too cliche (take away Battle Royale and find me a movie like that). Sure, there was that lame hollwood romance between the two main characters, but stuff like that seems to appear in most movies nowadays. If you can't look past some minor elements in film to enjoy the rest then that's your problem.
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