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Perhaps. I think it's actually the third or fourth. I remember fatboy making a thread and some other dude making another one after it. There's also the threads that lump tall athletic people and their overpaidness together too (ie. Chandler, Dalembert, etc)

Actually Chandler in a lot of ways is pretty unathletic. He is very weak physically and when he jumps he takes a long time to get off the ground. If he catched the ball under the basket he can't finish, even if he has position. His athleticism is more his speed up and down the court and his shot blocking. He can come from the weak side and block shots, and he has the speed quickness to cover insane amounts of ground. He actually chased Rafer Alston down and blocked a fast break layup. His speed is insane for a guy who is over 7 feet tall, but overall he is not a physical specimen. Dalembert is a pure physical specimen insane athleticism, strength, speed, etc. He just has no basketball skills and has tunnell vision of the court, this leads to him picking up fouls on both ends, and getting posterized frequently.
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