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Default Re: Free Agent Hopefuls

Originally Posted by StateProperty
Rebounding/post presence is still the weakness, hope to see a trade. I'd love Hickson, maybe a team would be interested in a Hickson/backup PG sign and trade deal for Iggy.

Not withstanding signing the FA rookie.

Raptors fan lurking here no offence intended.

Some - many - lots - and other wonder about Toronto Philly deal.

Rumors - press - hopes -smoke and mirrors ? I dunno is there any rumor in Philly about a deal with the Raptors??

Jose Calderon PG $10.5 Mill and expiring this season + Ed Davis 3 year rookie PF outta Duke drafted 7th (??)overall... about $3.5M are probably available.

Is Andre I a part of the future or part of the past.

From Torontos perspecitve the deal makes sense ; we have Kyle Lowry and John Lucas 3 as PGs now 1 and 2. A d leaguer named Uzoh as a 3rd stringer. Our small forward position being Klieza, Landry Fields could use help. Further Dre is a veritable all star.

But would Philly do it? Dre is $15M for 2 more years each ? Is he part of the future or past ? With Calderon expiring this year - thats huge savings in cap room next year to resign what you have.

Opinions comments rumors welcome.
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