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Default Re: Any Fans of The Wire?

Originally Posted by guy
They do a great job of making you actually feel sympathetic toward some of these characters that have actually just flat out killed people. D'Angelo, Poot, and Bodie especially are like this.

I personally thought Marlo was awesome. My four favorite characters on the show were probably Stringer, Avon, Marlo, and Chris. Basically the 4 most evil characters in the show. I don't know, they just seemed the most interesting.

Great list of characters. My favorite were:

1. Slim Charles- this guy flat out stole every scene he was in. Was able to bridge the gap between being a great mind (street-wise) and badass. Stringer and Avon could never balance the two imo.

2. Stringer Bell- The most interesting character on the show imo. Loved how he always took out anyone that even posed the smallest threat to him. Loved the scene where he confronts Avon after he questions his toughness.

3. D'Angelo Barksdale- Thought he came off as immature and soft the first few episodes. But you really start to like the guy firing the 1st season. The scene where he gets sentenced to 20 years in prison after eating the drug charge was very powerful. Especially when he gives Avon that "I got you, family" stare.

4. Proposition Joe-Like Slim, I felt he always stole every scene he was in. Had some of the best dialogue on the show.
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