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Default Re: Is Rotten Tomatoes overrated?

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
I like RT...I have found that the audience ratings are more in line with how I feel...but those are generally in the same area as the critics.

there are exceptions though...

Underworld Awakening
Critics: 27%
Audience: 62%

this is a type of movie that is suppose to be just raw action and stupid fun and would be impossible to get a monster score from critics, it isn't an Oscar type movie, but it doesn't try to be...

but the audience went into the movie understanding that it isn't trying to be a masterpiece, and it hit their it scored high with them, and they are the only ones that really matter.

That's a tired argument prime.

For example:

It can be a stupid fun movie, but also be a good movie. The way it's built and such plays a big role. Underworld does not have those things.
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