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Default Re: Is Rotten Tomatoes overrated?

For those that say IMDB is better, what is it that they offer that RT doesn't? Do you trust the people who rate the movies more? I like how RT has critic and fan reviews, while IMDB only has fan reviews, correct? Is it that you side with the users of IMDB more? I use IMDB more for movie information and casts, etc, while I use RT for the reviews.

In the end, I think the better one depends on which is easier for a give person to interpret and predict how well they'll like a movie.

And for those who say that a trailer is all they need, sometimes trailers are misleading. The Watch is a current movie that I thought looked good, and I expected a rating in the 70% range. After reading the RT reviews, it sounds like crap and I'm going to save my money. I'll still see it eventually, and I could still be pleasantly surprised, but I'd much rather save my money and give it a chance later rather than regretting spending $10 on a movie that is potentially a huge waste of time.
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