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Default Re: How far is too far to micromanage?

Originally Posted by Myth
If there is a way to only monitor the employees while they are at work, then I can see it fitting in the job description. If it is used at all regarding your personal life, that is just wrong, and should be a sue-able offense IMO for invasion of privacy. And even then, regarding the use at work, it certainly doesn't equate to trust in employees, so even though I think the employers have the right to use this technology at work, I don't know if it is the smart thing to do for all businesses. If you are uncomfortable with it, I'm guessing others are too.

I like the word sue-able!

But I love the company I work for and I couldn't do that. I'm pretty sure the rest of the account mangers in other regions feel the same. We have a range of account managers from a 45 year old mother of 2 in Western Ontario to a 30 year old single guy who doubles as a bouncer in Greater Toronto whom I'd assume would like to keep their lives private. I'd have to consult with them on it.
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