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Default Re: How far is too far to micromanage?

Originally Posted by DaHeezy
I like the word sue-able!

But I love the company I work for and I couldn't do that. I'm pretty sure the rest of the account mangers in other regions feel the same. We have a range of account managers from a 45 year old mother of 2 in Western Ontario to a 30 year old single guy who doubles as a bouncer in Greater Toronto whom I'd assume would like to keep their lives private. I'd have to consult with them on it.

If it's a legit company they shouldn't be against putting in some safeguards against invading your privacy and spelling out that policy. Otherwise, the next time you call in seek, they may start looking to see why your phone was at a bar until 1:30 AM or at an apartment that belongs to the secretary in accounting or whatever.
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