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Default Re: Anyone see this?? 2 Olympic teams in badminton try to throw the game away

Originally Posted by BMOGEFan
do you even watch any other sport? there's a reason why teams put bench players in there.

I can't believe you never heard of playing for seeding. People forfeit games on purpose to get a good seed.

Am i an avid follower of the chinese badminton league or whatever? No, not really. But i follow sport leagues in general as well as most international sporting events, and i believe in the spirit of competition. If that's what they do over there then it doesnt change the fact that it's still a disgrace. And to have it displayed at the Olympics in such fashion is pure fkin bs, i don't care who you wanna face in the next round, you don't embarrass yourself like that.

Adapt to the rules of the olympics or boycott it and don't show up, but don't waste everyone's time like that.
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