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Default Re: Anyone see this?? 2 Olympic teams in badminton try to throw the game away

Originally Posted by macmac
I wish i could capture you like in Deer Hunter and make you play russian roulette until you blow your brains out.

Does any basketball game no matter how ugly of a tank job, have two teams willingly throw the ball out of bounds for 48 minutes? Because that's what this is.

Do you not understand the term blatant? I figure a little robot asian kid like you should have no problem memorizing the dictionary during your incredibly ample spare time.

So its not blatant to play your dumbest, slowest player in the last game of the season when nothing is on the line, yet its a travesty to tank a game in badminton when absolutely nothing is on the line?? So you risk injury in a needless game just to put on a show to others, when you are trying to win it all?

If the rules allow it, you take advantage of it. Thats the only reason its not shunned upon in NBA.

We should disqualify players for having fake DNP - flu-like symptoms or DNP - big toe sprain now huh.

I have a feeling you have never played a competitive event once in your any game, basketball, poker, cycling, swimming.

Now you rely on personal, racist attacks because you can't win this, saying i'm a asian robot. I'm not even asian you idiot.

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