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Originally Posted by SsKSpurs21
i agree to some points and i disagree with some points on everyones arguements.

KG is an extrordinary talent. he has the skills to basically be a one man team.

I dont think KG is overrated as an individual talent, but he is overrated as being a great player. let me explain...

individual talents are players like domonique wilkens who have all the talent but no leadership...and leadership results into being a great player.

everyone here is saying "oh well look at his team" and "if you surround him with talent he will win". sure a talented team helps but leadership is what gets that talent to coexist and to work together to win games and champioships...

look at the bulls. it was jordan/pippen and a bunch of scrubs. it was jordans ability to trust steve kerr with that game winning shot, or pass it off and trust john paxson to hit the open jumper. he got into the players heads and brought out the best in them.

the spurs, tim duncan and a bunch of foreigners. Its tim duncan ability to be a leader which brings the best out of his teammates and makes them viewed as all stars.

KG has had the talent, but he was too young to understand how to be a leader...he has never learned how to be an effective leader and that is why the talent runs all over him.

Its silly to blame KG because his team is sorry. We call Jordan a big leader cause his team won 6 titles well what was he the first 6 years of his career ?
Sure some players just have the will to win ie. Magic,Russell,Bird, jordan Isiah, Kg maybe the 3rd best Pf ever. Its just late in the game you dont see that same determination to take his game to the next level like the other greats. The real problem is it seems like he has a new PG every year. IF Mchale is ever going to build a winner it starts with having a team that stays together for a few years and they learn to win as a team. Yes KG is a big time player and a good leader but he needs a true PG to run the offense for them to go anywhere.
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