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Default Re: Is Rotten Tomatoes overrated?

I mostly use it as a guide. It does interest me a lot to see the percentages many movies get, but if I've already decided to see a movie that I'm looking forward to, I'm going to see it regardless. If I see a movie is being critically acclaimed by many, it would interest me to see it, but a low RT score could never discourage me to see a film.

Like J. Edgar for example, which I think only got about a 50%. I had that movie pegged months before, and although I had high expectations for it, the average reviews it got didn't discourage me in the least. If I want to see a film, I'm going to see it, and make my own judgement there. I thought J. Edgar was ok.

But something like Cabin in the Woods, which I hardly even knew existed, but got great reviews, did interest me to go see it, due to my curiosity and my love for the genre. Cabin in the Woods turned out to be amazing.

So I simply use Rotten Tomatoes as a guide to check up on movies that aren't exactly on my radar. I would never let it influence my decision to see a movie in which I've already made a decision to go see. RT ain't God. Sometimes I do think they are way off, and I swear sometimes the reviews on there take some movies way too seriously. Max Payne got a ****ing 16%, but God damn, what the **** were they expecting going into that movie? Its a ****ing video game PG-13 movie where Whalberg's family gets killed, and he gets revenge by shooting up the city with bad ass bullet special effects. That's pretty much what we got. What the hell else did they want? The ****ing Departed?
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