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Default Re: Critique my critique on The Godfather

Originally Posted by macmac
Scarface is a caricature, Godfather I and II are a masterpiece, they don't really compare.

De Palma isn't even on the same planet as Copolla when it comes to directing

I suppose you think it's realistic that the godfather's mom would pull a knife on a mob boss and that her child would actually get away from from a bunch of hired guns.

Scarface is a good movie. We see the violence the cartel does today. It's not a stretch that the kind of violence in Scarface could have happened. The movie does have some verisimilitude.

The great thing about Scarface is that Tony Montana is much more complex than he seems. Yeah he has anger problems and will kill you if you cross him but he wouldn't kill kids. He killed his best friend but you could see that he had some remorse after he did it.

The director shows that even a poor uneducated killer like Tony Montana can see how corrupt and hypocritical that government is.
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