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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Originally Posted by Snoop_Cat
Seriously, Chris Smith was one of the, if not THE, worst players on our SUMMER LEAGUE roster......

Who cares if he's the 15th man, we could've given it to some big guy project or some guy who can provide some depth should guys get injured. Chris Smith is horrendous and he doesn't even have a foundation to improve upon.

Any retard knows this was done solely to make JR happy.

I was upset at first because he clearly didn't deserve a contract. But apparently this move was done so the Knicks can retain his exclusive rights after he gets waived and goes down to our D-League affiliate. Same thing for Chris Copeland, who probably is a longshot to stick on the team for an entire season.

I fully expect Jorts & Jerome Jordan to join those guys on our D-League affiliate in Erie, which is what I had hoped for anyways. Due to NBA rules we can't sign them to a guaranteed contract, but we could call them up from the D-League. So that we keep our roster spots for contributing players & let the young guys develop by playing.

Still hoping we make some solid moves for our final 2 roster spots.
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