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Default Re: Saudi Chief of Intelligence Assassinated by Syrians

Originally Posted by dunksby
It seems like Tehran Times had quoted a Yemeni news agency (Al-Fajr News) claiming the deputy head of Saudi Intelligence had died in a blast in their HQ on the 22nd- the bombing and the death of the deputy are confirmed. Voltaire days later reports this incident but looks like they deduced that Bandar was the real target and his absence meant he had died too so they reported his assassination.
While all the major news agencies are focusing on the Olympics I don't think we will see more reports on the issue from them which is just what Saudis want as they have been silent over this issue and have not yet spoken on this matter. Bandar in my opinion is 99.999999% dead else he would have made an appearance. We know there was a bomb blast in their HQ and that his deputy was killed in it so it's not a stretch really considering how efficient governments in the region are in covering shit up since they basically control any news that is let out.


You could get to 6 decimals of certainty based on reports from known rumor-spreaders and conspiracty theorists?

Have you looked into al-Fajr Media Center. The fact that it's based in Yemen should set off alarm bells. Yemen is in the midst of a civil war against Al-Qaeda who would also like to take over Saudi Arabia.

Google Al-Fajr Media Center. It's a jihadi propagandist site.
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