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Default Re: Saudi Chief of Intelligence Assassinated by Syrians

Originally Posted by dunksby
I just mean there is a very high chance he is dead by that number
On a serious note though when the Damascus attack occurred that killed Assad's high ranking officials, Saudis were the first to break the news but after more than ten days they still refuse to comment on Bandar and dude has not shown up anywhere yet even for a moment to crush the rumors. So he is either dead or seriously wounded from the blast.
I know all about the credibility of those sources but the nature of the news and ME makes it really hard for journalists to work. I mean who else is gonna report on a blast in Saudi Arabia when the government is trying hard put a lid on it? We are talking about ME not NA or Europe.
I'm just deducing here and trying to get a clear picture out of this mess since I said earlier, no major agency is gonna investigate or cover this unless Saudis come out either presenting Bandar and crushing the rumors or confirming them.

For someone like Bandar, there would be tons of American and European intelligence folks who have contacts with him or near to him and the same with the press. This is the guy who was known as Bandar Bush because of his closesness to the Bush family. This is not an under-the-radar guy. He was an on the record source on Bob Woodward's Books about the Iraq war on the Bush presidency. Slate said Woodward portrayed him like a superhero.

That is, there's a lot of reporters that have this guy's phone number.

Remember the bombing itself hasn't even made the legit news papers.

So why would Yemeni Jihadi news service print this report? It wasn't a news report, it was a warning.

I'm 55.555555% sure that the story goes like this. The Saudis infiltrated a an anti-Saudi network that was planning on bombing the intelligence headquarters. They were compromised. So the al-Fajr Media Center puts out word the bombing happened. This is a signal, to get the hell out of Dodge. It's a warning to all the members of the Anti-Saudi cell, that they need to blow town and go underground. Or perhaps the bombing happened and the Saudis are keeping it under wraps because they caught some of the guys and want to try and find out who was behind them.
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