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Default Re: Jay-Z involvement with NBA 2K13

Originally Posted by ukballer
Being a hip-hop fan, I know I'm biased, but I was kinda sad when the 2K soundtracks of the last few games moved away from being pretty much an all hip-hop soundtrack. 2K7 soundtrack was a personal favourite. I used to be on the 2K Beats section of the site all the time!

'Some' decent songs in the 2K12 soundtrack, but some of the songs were just ASS.

So as a biased hip-hop fan, and a Jay-Z fan? I'm hyped.

But even so, looking at that soundtrack, they've still thrown in a few songs for the non hip-hop guys.
I'm not a big fan of games using songs that have been out for years and already played to death. In many cases, I've already grown tired of these tracks years ago, so I'm not too pumped about going through an entire year listening to them again (like Kurtis Blow's "Basketball"). I mean, I like Daft Punk and I like "Around the World" but even as a fan of the group, I'm not sure I want to be listening to a track on a brand new game that's been in my library for 15 years already. And in terms of U2's "Elevation" and Coldplay's "Viva La Vida", that's not 2K particularly appealing to non hip-hop fans. It's kind of like your grandparents hearing you liked hip-hop so they buy you a Kevin Federline CD and say, "He oughta like that because he likes hip-hop."

Granted, I wouldn't have minded a mix of new and old. I thought the inclusion of "Sirius" (Chicago Bulls theme) was a nice touch in 2K11. And I think "Shook Ones" would fit in anywhere. However, I'm a little bummed to be missing out on the fresh tracks from bands I'm not familiar with. There's a lot of songs I dislike on 2K12, but I like always being able to find a few I could hang my hat on then dig deeper into that artist's catalog. For instance, I was not familiar with the music of MF Doom, Little Brother, or Ratatat until I played 2K. So I'll definitely be missing the variance and discovery aspect 2K's soundtracks used to hold.

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