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Default Re: You as a player.

Height: 6'3". Weight: 195lbs SG/SF
Age: 23

Ppg: ~23 per game in HS
Fg%: 45 to 50%? no idea

Assist: 3-4? always tried to dish it out, some games i'd get many. some little to none

Rebounds: 4-5, pretty consistent i do remember grabbing 16 once

Steals: 5-6, got a lot of steals off of our full court press. or just pressuring the weaker players.

Blocks: 2, most i ever got was 4 that i can remember. wasnt a consistent blocker. some games id get none

Fouls: 3, i play pretty aggressive, especially when we do our full court press w/ trap. i use my hands a lot to steal, so obviously refs call that shit

Turnovers: 2, ball was in my hand a lot but i was careful with the rock. liek the other poster, i got better and barely turned it over as a senior

Signiture move: usually break someone down with crossovers and take a nice mid range jumper

Hot spot: anywhere midrange, i wasnt a great 3 pt shooter but my mid range was automatic, cant stress that enough lol

Biggest weakness: 3 pt shooting, though i got better after high school. a lot stronger and even a better passer
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