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Default Re: You as a player.

Height: 5'10"+ in shoes
Weight: 210-220 pounds maybe(hopefully!) less, already..
When I played organized ball in school I played 4-5. Basically the tallest guy I played against was 6'7"(once a 7 footer, but he was an utter scrub), the average guys in the post were about 6' to 6'4".
Age: 28
Years playing:18

I'll split this

Playing organized ball I was coming of the bench most of the time, played about 15-20 of 40 minute halves.

Organized ball 20 minute half/fullcourt pick up/half court set to 21
Ppg: 4-6 on efficiency above 60% only took good looks/0-10 depends on teammates/10-15 especially on 2on2 half court sets I take over
Assist: 1-2/2-4/2-5
Rebounds: 4-8/depends heavily on shooters efficiency sometimes I grab 2 sometimes 15. I win most duels for rebounds though, If i can't grab it I tip it to a team mate atleast.
Steals: none, I tip alot of balls on D, but really don't get possession of it.
Blocks: 0-2 for all three categories.
Fouls: 1/don't count in pick up but not much I rather let go, if possible before I hurt someone.
Turn overs: 0/1-2/0-3

Signiture move: Post moves. Every sort of them. Turn around jumpers away from/to the basket, drop step, dream shake like moves(used to play soccer aswell when I was younger..), baby hooks, running hooks. Got a streaky midrange jumper though, but most of the times it falls more often then it misses(I pick my shots carefully in games), and I hit about every third NBA range three, which helps alot to spread the floor, but I actually hate shooting.

Hot spot: In the paint.
Biggest weakness: Overweight, confidence in midrange shot, got more confidence in my three actually, confidence in calling fouls in pick up games(alot of guys only can defend me in the post with fouling). I fare way better playing against guys doing organized ball than strictly streetballers, because they're used to defend the post without fouling.
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