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Default Re: You as a player.

Height: 6'2. Weight: 180.
Combo guard
age: 22 Years playing: 15+

Ppg: In HS I averaged 18ppg, my personal best was 38 pts (we lost though =\)
Fg%: ~50 - 60

Assist: 5. Started HS as a pg before i had a growth spurt (i was 5'3 until my junior year)

Rebounds: ~8 or 9. Played volleyball, had a very good standing vert and years of being shorter than everyone game me some really good fundamentals. One of my best skills

Steals: not really sure, our team never really kept track of steals but i'd imagine I got a couple a game, was always tasked with the other teams best player.

Blocks: ~1. Good leaping ability, but bite on every fake lol

Fouls: 3 or 4. Always got the most out of my fouls

Turn overs: 2 or 3. One of my biggest weaknesses. Against good teams I always did better, just got lazy with the ball when the competition wasn't always as high.

Signiture move: mid range pullup, teardrop on the right side

Hot spot: right elbow-extended three

Biggest weakness: turnovers, playing against smaller guards
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