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Default Re: Kidds greatest impact to the team

Originally Posted by el gringos
Jason Kidd could give both good production and great leadership- but the 2 greatest impacts he could have are

1- turn shumpert into a full time pg- you don't understand the nba game if you don't know that by far shumperts highest ceiling is as a pg. Kidd could be the perfect guy to show him the ropes

2- turning jr smith into an off the ball scorer/shooter. Jr will be so much better when asked to do less. This years roster is the perfect storm to allow a huge improvement out of jr and Kidd will be a big part of it

Kidd can do both of those things and will go down as a great pickup- ESP if he can also allow Felton to thrive and be a great cheap contract pg to add to an amare deal. Are you as hopeful as me that this will happen?

I actually would have completely agreed withyou last summer. However, I think we blew our window to convert Shump into a PG. He's already molded is game physically and mentally into a SG. I also however thought he's make a good PG if we started him off that way.

I agree with the second part also. I think the less you ask JR to do, the more deadly he becomes. When he starts "dancing and prancing", as Clyde would say, is when you want to beat his brains with a sledgehammer.
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