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Default Re: Team News: Lakers discussing Andrew Bynum extension

Originally Posted by magicmanfan
I just think his immaturaty has been a serious issue... He jogs his
way thru too many games... he's too cool to play hard AND I HATE THAT!!!

IF Drew played hard all the time, we are the team to beat.

IF Drew doesn't play hard, we loose in round 1 or 2....

Why doesn't he realize HE is the key to the next ring?
Like in game one against the nuggets, last playoffs... A block party that first game.. Then it was, weres drew? He's complacent and doesn't have that aggressive tenacious attitude that would take him to the next level.. He has basketball A.D.D. One game he will give you 10 blocks and the next he's lounging around, walking through things (as he himself stated) and getting into foul trouble due to not being focused.

Consistency has always been his biggest issue.. Not whether he can be good or has skills.. We know he does.. If only he cared enough to work towards bringing it every night.
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