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Default Post your shooting form in .gif

I'm in if anybody else does it.
-edit- Did it.

For a gif you don't really need that much. Just upload the vid to gifninja. To get the right seconds off of a vid, you can use either from this list. All good all simple. I filmed with my weak ass photo camera, you can do it by your iphones or such.

Listing those who posted:

Rake2204 shooting, technically:

A 15 year old:

Random move:

Still doing thing (regular rim):

Updated jumper:

Niokas shooting:

Full vid: Rim is a little low... I'm having hard time putting my legs into use but it's fine... Midrange I'm cool, on three pointers I'm streaky.

CelticsGarlic on tape:

Maga_1 shooting it for them girls:

Killer (vid):

imdaman99 alone video:
playing his friendo in green shirt:


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