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Default Re: Is Skyrim the greatest game of all time?

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
This is pretty much exactly what I think too.

I played it pretty non stop for that first month or so. Took a little to get into it. The time required to create the character, and first start getting around, is tough. But after that exploring the world was really fascinating.

I've always been into leveling up, so that was enjoyable for a while, but even that got to a point where I was a little disappointed to find out I wouldn't be able to max out all the perks without cheating.

And in addition to the combat being clunky, and I play in 3rd person, it was the repetition of the quests that was most exhuasting to me. There just wasn't much payout. I remember stopping after I was at the mage college, and the librarian asking me to get books for him. I'd run off and get the book, come back, he'd give me 20 bucks, then send me out for another one. Now I know I can stop whenever I like, but the completionist in me was driven crazy, and it became beyond tedious.
From what I've heard from my cousin, who I played with at the same time, and we went through the same sort of life cycle, Fallout did a lot of this stuff better. The life cycle for both of us was "this was a huge pain in the ass getting started, I'm not even sure I want to continue ... did you find this, no, I found that though, where's that, do you have the boots that let you carry extra weight, where's you find them, which way are you heading now, did you do this mission ... to finally, how many goddamned caves are in this stupid place?!?"

I never finished it. And in fact, my sense of completionism led me to do a far greater percentage of side missions than story missions, and I'm probably not even that close to completion, although I could probably run through it pretty easy because of all the upgrades I have at this point in the game.
wow. now i don't even feel like playing it anymore. so far im a level 21 and the missions have been hella boring and repetitive. so many fetch quests, and the dungeons are becoming such an annoyance. i really love smithing, alchemy an enchanting parts of the game, but the combat really leaves a lot to be desired.

the story and plot seems pretty solid, but the characters are so bland. i think the only thing i really enjoyed was fighting a dragon priest when i was a level 10 lol. it took me forever to kill that asshole, but my persistence paid off.
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